Training Program FAQs

  • What are the programme dates for the Training Program?

    Intake 1 of 2019 runs from Monday 4 February 2019 (Orientation and Registration) – Friday 14 June 2019 (Graduation Day). All applicants will receive feedback on the state of their application by Monday 14 January

  • What are the eligibility requirements to be a participant of the program?

    We are looking for women and men who possess a passion and interest for technology (its use and application), who are 18 years and older and have a minimum of 5 O’levels. You do not need to have prior experience in programming or computers to apply. The training programme is a five month commitment, so only motivated and dedicated individuals need apply.

  • What is the application deadline date?

    Friday 11 January 2019, at 5:00pm.

  • Once I apply, when will I know when I have been accepted into the program?

    Monday 11 June 2018, by 5:00pm.

  • What is the payment deadline for the program?

    Thursday 31 January 2019, by 12:00pm.

  • Do I have to pay the full $120 to secure my place for the training?

    Yes, you are required to pay the full $120 before the payment deadline to get a place.

  • What kind of programming languages are offered?

    Muzinda Hub offers beginner and intermediate e-learning in the following: Website Design, PHP, Front-End Application Development, WordPress, Android Development, iOS Development, Python and C#.These courses are offered as e-learning modules through our globally recognised training platform partnership with TeamTreehouse.

  • I am in full-time employment/have other commitments, can I do the course part-time?

    The programming and business & entrepreneurship modules offered on this Training Program are open to part-time and full-time participants, It is up to the individuals to ensure they keep up-to-date regarding training content and programme related activities.

  • Is the training in-person or online?

    Outlined below are the key elements of the Training Program and whether they are conducted online or in-person:

    • Registration and orientation (online & in-person);
    • Specialised e-learning coding modules in conjunction with TeamTreehouse (online) ;
    • Business & entrepreneurship skills training (online);
    • Practical group project development experience (online and in-person);
    • Additional informative Saturday Support sessions (in-person); a)nd Graduation (in-person).

  • I live outside of Harare, am I still eligible for the Training Program.

    The training program is open to all individuals within and across Zimbabwe, as well as outside the country, as the core aspects of the program can be performed online.

  • Do I need my own personal laptop to do the training?

    It is best to have your own laptop, if you are accessing the training modules of the program remotely online. However, we have a computer lab our program participants can make use of at our Harare office.

  • What kind of accreditation do you receive once you complete the program?

    Program participants who successfully complete the 3 key areas of the Training Program (1. Specialised e-learning coding modules, 2. Business & entrepreneurship skills training and 3. The practical group project) will receive the following:

    • An internationally recognised & accredited certificate from USA e-learning platform, TeamTreehouse, in the area of specialisation (e.g. Android Development, Website Design etc.) • A certificate from the RSA based organisation Ubuntu Equity, related to the Business & Entrepreneurship Skills Training.

Consulting Services FAQs

  • I would like to have a website/mobile application designed. What must I do?

    The first step is to complete the online form here for us to gain better understanding of your development needs.

  • Are the developers who will work on my project qualified?

    All our developers are certified by TeamTreehouse and have gone through extensive business training to make sure that you get a holistic product. Furthermore, all our developers have an extensive history of practical coding experience behind them.

  • Will the developers do a quality job?

    Part of Muzinda Hub's ethos is to ensure that any software product developed will meet our high quality assurance and quality control goals. We ensure this through giving our developers the highest level training and by building a unique team around each individual project specially qualified to meet your requirements.

  • How long will it take for my website/mobile application/customised software to be completed?

    Depending on the scope and complexity, a development project can run from as little two days to as many as 4 - 6 months. At Muzinda we don't believe in compromise and your project will get the maximum amount of time required to build the best possible product.

  • How do I pay?

    Our banking and payment details are made available to you, together with our initial quotation.

  • Will my intellectual property be protected

    We have strict internal policies designed to protect your Intellectual Property (IP) and all our staffers have signed non-disclosure agreements to further ensure the safety of your IP. Integrity and professionalism is at the core of our values. Didn’t have any of your questions answered here? Then contact us at

Placement Program FAQs

  • Who is eligible for placement?

    We currently aim to place solely Muzinda Hub graduates, from our training program, on IT development opportunities found within organisations across a wide variety of industries.

  • How can organisations find Muzinda Hub graduates for specific development jobs?

    The first step is to complete the following online form for us to gain better understanding of your development needs and match you with correct individual(s).

  • How are graduates assessed prior to being placed?

    At Muzinda Hub we aim to place the top tier (10 – 20%) talented individuals from our Training Program, once they graduate. We track their involvement in free-lance, part-time and full-time IT development work and internally interview them for the prospective placement role, prior to placing them with a matched organisation.

  • How long do placements last?

    We aim to place our graduates for a minimum of 1 month and up to 12 months.

  • What time of the year do Muzinda Hub graduate placements occur?

    They occur all year round, as per the requests and demands of interested organisations.

  • How much will it cost to have a Muzinda Hub graduate placed at my organisation?

    This will depend on the specific skill set required from the Muzinda Hub graduate, as well as the scope and duration the project they would be working on. Contact us to receive a quote.

  • What is the employer’s responsibility on a placement?

    We would expect employers to become an integral part of the Muzinda Hub graduate’s learning experience during the placement by actively participating in the assessment of the graduate and by nominating an internal supervisor to monitor and mentor a Muzinda Hub graduate undertaking a placement.

  • Will an organisation’s intellectual property be protected?

    We have strict internal policies designed to protect your Intellectual Property (IP) and all our staffers have signed non-disclosure agreements to further ensure the safety of your IP. Integrity and professionalism is at the core of our values. If you are an organisation who is interested in having a Muzinda Hub graduate as a part-time website/mobile application/customised software developer on your team, please complete the online form here.